Columbus High Gymnasium Additions

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A proposal for some major upgrades at Columbus High School. Those upgrades would include adding on to the school's gym, a multi purpose room and some additional classrooms. A parent teacher organization wants to raise money for the improvements.

Elayne Saucier has two children that attend Columbus High School and  she says she sees the need for a better gymnasium and additional classrooms.

"Right now Columbus High School has several teachers that do not have a classroom so they have to go around to empty spaces and use that empty space as a classroom," says Saucier.

The Muscogee County School Board has said the small weight room next to the gym at Columbus High is in poor condition.  Parents want to demolish it and make room for a two-story addition to the school's gym.

"This addition will not only be a weight room for the athletic teams it would also be extra classroom space for teachers who do not have a classroom at the moment," says Saucier.

She says, the school is trying to ask for permission to raise money for construction.  Right now, they only have a proposal and architectural drawings.  The total estimated cost is nearly $1,700,00.

Saucier says, "No one has come up with a specific plan that they would probably be a plan put forward through the people in the community and to see if their would be willing donors that would like to contribute."

And because of the down economy, there are concerns about raising all the funds.