Be There: How the Body Works

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Teachable moments can come up at any point, and it is up to the parents to take advantage of those opportunities. We find out how a mother's career has brought up several questions from her children.

A lot of parents can testify that their kids ask them hundreds of questions each day. Some may be silly, but the mother we spoke with actually took time to find the real answers for some of the questions her young son was asking.

"He's very inquisitive. He asks me tons of questions and some I have to go to the books to find the answers again," Brandy Parsons told News Leader Nine.

She works as a nurse and has found that her son is very interested in learning how the human body works, "I still have a lot of my books from nursing school and it shows pictures and diagrams, some tell more than they need to know, but it shows the digestive system and the circulatory system."

One particular question Triston asked his mother was about the blood in our veins.

Brandy recalled, "I tried to explain the red blood carries oxygen and -- it's not blue -- but the darker blood doesn't have oxygen in it and it's traveling through the heart to pick up the oxygen."

Brandy thinks Triston's curiosity about the human body stems from a birth defect.

Triston told News Leader Nine, "I ask her a lot about how people are different like me, because I have three fingers."

Triston found out what caused him to have only three fingers, and doesn't mind answering questions from people about it, but he warns, "But' don't think I'm an alien now. I'm not an alien, there's no such thing."

Triston may joke about it, but he actually understands why he was born that way and loves to explain it to friends when they ask him about it.

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