Columbus murder: Two men on the run, one in jail

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - Inches away from where his body was found, relatives of Wayman Glenn James Jr. set up a memorial in his honor.

The former soldier and father of two was shot in the parking lot of a Decatur Court apartment complex in the Carver Heights section of the city early Tuesday morning.

So far, 20-year-old Ronnie Blue has been arrested and charged in the case.

Police are also working to track down 17-year-old Shannon Fields and 34-year-old Willie Jones who also face murder charges. Investigators say they're working overtime to find the suspects and have also issued a nationwide alert.

As the search continues, a cross marks the scene of the crime. James' family members say he has only been home six months after being deployed and was medically retired from the Army when he was killed.

"He had been to Iraq twice and served his country and for him to come home and have to end his life here this way is very sad. He wouldn't harm anyone and it's sad for someone to take his life like that and leave him," Antionette Williams said of her cousin, the victim.

According to police, 30-year-old James was visiting friends and playing cards at the complex and word got out that he was carrying a large sum of cash.

Detectives say Blue, Fields and Jones set up a plan to rob him, lying in wait for him to leave and walk to his car. Police say all of the men live in that area and know of each other.

Police say the trio approached James and knowing the he was also armed, shot him in the head before he had a chance to react, taking his money and pistol.

"We're here to let him know we're still here for him and we still care and we love him. We just want justice to be served," Williams added.

Police say they have recovered what they believe to be the murder weapon in an apartment in that area and, coupled with statements from witnesses, they were able to issue arrest warrants for the three suspects.

Ronnie Blue is scheduled to appear in Columbus Recorder's Court for a preliminary hearing Friday, June 18th at 9 AM.

Shannon Fields and Willie Jones are considered armed and dangerous and according to police, they do have criminal histories.

Investigators believe Fields and Jones are still in the Columbus/Lee County area. They say Fields has some connections in Lee County.

Police ask anyone who comes into contact with them to call 911.