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Police investigate car break-ins at north Columbus apartments

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A string of car break-ins has Columbus Police warning residents to lock their doors. 

Reports have been filed for at least five cars break-ins in the last 24-hours at Parkside at Britt David Apartments.

From text books to shoes to car tags, Columbus Police say thieves took all kinds of valuables from at least five vehicles at Parkside Apartments, all within hours.

Captain William Turner says thieves are enticed with personal valuables.  He says folks should take extra precautions in locking their cars and not leaving valuables inside.

"Whenever you park your vehicle wether it's a shopping center or at your home it's important that you take out all valuables outside of the passenger compartment whether they are visible from the outside of the vehicle and place those items inside of your home or inside of the trunk," says Turner. 

Turner, says a lot of thieves are enticed by portable DVDs players, ipods, MP3 players, purses and wallets.

"Leaving your GPS systems mounted on your windshields or your dashboard is also an invitation for thieves to try and enter your vehicle so we ask that you remove those GPS systems from your dash," says Turner. 

Turner says even if you take your GPS systems out make sure to take out all visible mounts as well.

"Somewhere in that vehicle is a GPS system either in the glove compartment or the console so we ask also that you not only remove the GPS system but you also remove the mounts," says Turner. 

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