Muscogee County Schools approves budget, millage

To following were items approved Monday night by the Muscogee County School District. For more information on each item check out the Board Docs section of Muscogee County Schools website. 

7.01 Final Budget Adoption Action - Approved

7.02 FY11 Millage Resolution Action - Approved

7.03 New Policy and Regulation Action - Approved

7.04 Revision to Policy DJC Action - Approved

7.05 Appointment of Director Action - Approved, Mr. Robert Stansell Director of Plant Services

7.06 Appoint Principal at Clubview Action - Ms. Lorrie Watt appointed Principal of Clubview Elementary

7.07 Appoint Principal at Key Action - Approved - Ms. Karen Garner for the Principal at Key Elementary

7.08 School Nutrition FY11 Budget Action - Approved

7.09 CVRLS Library FY11 Budget Action - Approved

7.10 Life Insurance Renewal Action - Approved

7.11 Woodall Program Schedule Action - Approved

7.12 Woodall Program Resolution Action - Approved

7.13 Student Discipline Tribunal Action - Approved

7.14 Columbus High Addition Action - Approved

7.15 Update Technology Plan Action - Approved

7.16 Demolition of Old Baker Action - Approved

7.17 Replace Gentian Drive Loop Action - Approved

7.18 Upgrades at Columbus Roberts Action - Approved

7.19 Perkins IV Federal Funds - Approved

8. CONSENT AGENDA - All consent items were approved.

8.01 Personnel Report Action (Consent)

8.02 Annual Lease Agreements Action (Consent)

8.03 Grant Funds Action (Consent)

8.04 Budget Adjustments Action (Consent)

8.05 New Budgets Action (Consent)

8.06 Donations Action (Consent)

8.07 Purchase Orders Action (Consent)

8.08 P.O. Gallup, Inc. HR Systems Action (Consent)

8.09 Contracts Awarded Action (Consent)

8.10 Library Book Vendors Action (Consent)

8.11 Contract Library Landscaping Action (Consent)

8.12 Financial Assistance Action (Consent)

8.13 Financial Statements Action (Consent)

8.14 Dashboard Report Information

8.15 SPLOST Construction Audit Information

8.16 Construction Status Report

8.17 Adjourn

Source: Muscogee County Schools