Parks and Rec Director Tony Adams hires second attorney

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  News Leader 9 has learned that a Montgomery based attorney by the name of Donald Jackson  has been hired as co-counsel to represent Tony Adams and Herman Porter in connection with the ongoing police investigation of the Columbus Parks and Recreation Department.

In a letter to the city's assistant attorney Jaimie DeLoach, Jackson alleges that the investigation is a conflict of interest, politically motivated and undermines the city council's ability to oversee local government.

Jackson also requests that the investigation be immediately turned over to the Georgia Attorney General, the local District Attorney, of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to ensure that coerced illegal statements are not obtained during the course of the investigation and to ensure a fair, conflict-free, unbiased investigation takes place.

The letter goes on to state that recent internal memos have threatened municipal employees with criminal prosecution if they lie about certain aspects of the investigation and/ or charge them with insubordination if they are perceived as being uncooperative.

Jackson says, "This is particularly troubling in light of the fact that many of the interviewees have been questioned about issues that are entirely unrelated to this investigation."

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