Families welcome soldiers home after deployment

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Emotions filled the air, but their facial expressions said it all. Spouses, children and parents could hardly wait to hug their soldier again as the 14th Combat Support Hospital entered Lawson Airfield at Fort Benning Wednesday.

Specialist Lewis Keefer and his wife Emily welcomed a bundle of joy into the family during the year long deployment to Iraq.  "Dad missed it by one day. He came home on January 10th, I had her on the 9th, said Emily Keefer.

Although Keefer admits it was hard going back into harm's way just two weeks after baby Lillienne was born he added, "It was well worth it."

Latrell Jenkins, 8, is also happy to be back in the arms of his mom, Specialist LaTresa Taylor.  "It feels great. We're going to have a family good day. We're going to Alabama Adventure and watch a movie."  Mom says being away for one year was tough. "It was really hard. I missed all of school and Christmas," said Taylor.

The 14th CSH has completed its second deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan.  The company is highly mobile and equipped to set up care for up to 248 casualties.

While deployed, the soldiers conducted health support operations at several internment facilities and cared for American and coalition forces as well as detainees, according to Elsie Jackson, Public Affairs Officer.

In 2005, they also assisted Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans.

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