Columbus murder suspect turns himself in

Shannon Fields (Source: Columbus Police Department)
Shannon Fields (Source: Columbus Police Department)

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - One of the two remaining suspects in a Columbus murder has turned himself in.

17-year-old Shannon Fields is now behind bars in connection to the shooting death of Wayman James, Jr.

He was in court Thursday morning and pled not guilty.

Investigators say they have a witness that saw Fields at the Decatur Court apartments in Columbus at the time of the murder.

Fields' attorney, Stacey Jackson said, "Of course we started to do our own investigation to find out a little bit about the case, when the incident occurred, and gathering what info we could."

Jackson said that his investigation led the defense to the suspect's girlfriend.  She told the judge a different story. "He had gone to his girlfriend's house, before midnight, and was there all night," said Jackson.

The Columbus detective explained in court that she talked to Fields' grandmother after the incident and she confirms that he was at her house "prior to midnight," he asked to use the car to go to her girlfriend's house.

Investigators say four men approached the victim at Decatur Court Apartments and shot him in the head before taking money and a pistol.  The detective said they have a witness that overheard Tavares Lowe and Ronnie Blue planning the robbery of Wayman James, Junior earlier that night.  Then they saw Fields and 34-year-old Willie Jones, nicknamed "Jack," dressed in all black and wearing black masks carrying a black and silver shot gun.  They snuck up on the victim, hit him, and he fell to the ground.  After taking his wallet and a handgun, the detective said their witness saw Fields running away yelling, "Jack shot the man, I didn't."

Jackson said his client has maintained his innocence, "She is an alibi witness. He was nowhere near the scene of the alleged crime."

Twenty-year-old Ronnie Blue and 35-year-old Tavares Lowe have already been arrested in the case.

Police are still searching for the fourth suspect, 34-year-old Willie Jones.

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