Retired generals comment on the change in Afghan command

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - President Barack Obama said McChrystal's remarks in Rolling Stone undermined the civilian control of the military.  He said the decision wasn't based on disagreement of strategy  or personal issues.  He says as hard as it is to lose a general war is not bigger than any man or woman.

Retired General Cavezza says President Barack Obama did the right thing by accepting General McChrystal's resignation. "If you're working for a person and you don't like the decision and you feel like your 're selling your soul than you have an option; if you're not going to support the decision then you resign," says General Carmen Cavezza.

He says, "People are encouraged if they have problems to go to the individual and discuss it constructively that's part of the best option but once the decision is made as the saying goes you march."

But another retired General, Robert Wetzel disagrees.  Wetzel says, McChrystal was fighting a war with ridiculous rules of engagement.

"The troops in the field hate the rules of engagement.  You've got to stand off and not get one civilian hurt but this is war civilians get hurt and this is no way to fight a war with your hands tied behind your back with stupid rules of engagement," says Wetzel.

Wetzel doesn't agree with the current administration's policies and says this war is going to take a long time.

"He's got Miranda rights for these enemy combatants that we capture, I mean it's like a guy down in downtown Columbus that is caught by the police is given Miranda rights.  He's got a lawyer and trying to do this on the battle field, it doesn't work on the battlefield," says Wetzel.

Locals in Columbus have opposing viewpoints.

Clayton Harris says the President should not have accepted the resignation.

"Because we have the freedom of speech we can express what we feel and there should be no repercussions," says Harris.

Juanita Taylor disagrees.

"I feel that he did it fairly because he broke the chain of command and therefore he don't deserve to be in the military to represent the United States," says Taylor.

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