New technology improves law enforcement communications

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - A vital piece of equipment gets a much needed upgrade by the City of Auburn.

Now authorities are better prepared to handle emergencies, natural disasters and more.

The Mobile Command Center is a unit, provided by Homeland Security, that puts officers in communication across multiple counties.

Sheriff Jay Jones says about the command center, "we're able to organize and plan a response in the event of something occurring that would require a specialized response."

The command center contains cameras, satellite, internet, and communication stations to handle multiple tasks.

Sheriff Jones recalls how crucial the command center was during last year's snow storm and tornado in Salem, "it was on site at the event, used in conjunction with other agencies and allowed us to communicate with other agencies whether it be medical, fire or law enforcement."

The upgrade will enhance the measures of communication for more efficient, faster and wider receiving through not just the state, but other states that can pick up the radio frequencies.

Sheriff Jones says this type of vehicle is very important in maintaining order in tough situations. "You want to have a coordinated and unified response to an event to make sure that you're being as efficient as possible and providing the relief to the citizens" , says Jones.

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