Colonel takes overs as RTB commander at Ft. Benning

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Ranger Training Brigade at Fort Benning bid farewell to Colonel Douglass Flohr and said Welcome to Colonel John King. 

The change of command took place at Hurley Hill Friday morning.   Colonel Flohr's new assignment is in Iraq as the Ground Forces Commander.   "What I'm most proud of are the soldiers that we produced here for future combat leadership in the United States Army. I will join those men and women in Iraq.

When asked about his legacy, Colonel Flohr, said he hopes it will be with the Ranger Instructors.  "They are phenomenal men. What they do for this nation and the effort they put forth in training these young soldiers. I hope it will be that Colonel Flohr gave us the support and resources they needed and freedom to their job."

His successor, Colonel King is no stranger to Fort Benning, he served here in 2005.  "We came back this time and it's just amazing. Some posts kind of don't grow with the military. This area has just exploded as for as looking out for the soldiers."

As a former executive officer with the RTB, commander King returns with a clear mission in mind.  "We're got to make sure and it's my responsibility as the commander that we don't train the soldiers to fight as we did in 1968 or 1975. We must be flexible enough to take lessons learned in Iraq and Afghanistan and quickly pull those in so we can be better prepared."

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