Deputies arrest several during evictions, traffic stops

By Fatima Rahmatullah - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - You see them on the streets of Columbus everyday--members of the Muscogee County Marhsal's Office.  This week deputies have been putting quite a few people behind bars.

Over the past several days, Marshal's Deputies have made seventeen arrests for outstanding warrants, including misdemeanor and felony charges.

Captain Curtis Lockette says arrests were made while deputies served evictions in town and during traffic stops.

"On one eviction that we were on the deputy found the defendant that was getting put out or evicted and that person had outstanding warrants for her arrest," says Lockette.

Lockette is referring to Michelle Thirkfield who was wanted for terroristic threats, burglary, criminal trespassing, battery and bench warrants. 

Deputies also arrested Kevin Cunningham who police say is a convicted felon.  He was wanted for aggravated assault, driving while on a suspended licence and when deputies arrested him, he was in possession of a firearm.  

"So not only did we get someone who had outstanding warrants off the streets we got a weapon that could have been used against a citizen in Columbus off the streets as well, " says Lockette. 

An accomplishment Muscogee County Marshal, Greg Countryman is proud of.

"I commend them for these people getting off our roadways because if we don't get these folks early then they are just riding around," says Countryman.

He says beside the deputies doing their job the tag reading system has helped a lot.  

"We want to take every effort to make sure that Columbus, Georgia is going to be one of the safest cities in the United States and proactive policing is it," says Countryman.

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