Oil spill taking toll on "Bang Bang" and "Boom Boom"

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email | Twitter

RUSSELL COUNTY, ALA (WTVM) - Wanda Lamb, better known as the "Bang Bang Lady" to folks around the Chattahoochee Valley is used to being slammed with more business than she can handle this time of year.

Fourth of July sales at the Fireworks Outlet on Highway 431 literally determine whether it's a good year or a bad year.

"The day of the fourth, lord, we see three to five thousand people that day," Lamb said.

But while Lamb says business has been steady, it has not been booming.

Much of the activity done in the lead-up to Independence Day is from people traveling to the Gulf Coast, folks driving down the highway on their way to the beach.

"There's not a lot of people traveling, not as many people traveling as there was last year, going to Florida because of the oil," Lamb said.

Lamb says customers, like Burge Smith of Atlanta, tell her daily not as many people are making the trip right now because of the oil spill and possible beach contamination.

"We come here every time, when we're on our way down to Panama City, or come down to Columbus, or the area down here, we love her," Smith said.

But Smith is in the minority.

Lamb says her sales will need a significant boom in the next four days to stay out of the red, and keep her customers in the white and blue.

"Hopefully, we will have, you know, it will be a huge weekend for us. Hopefully, people will keep coming to see the Bang Bang and Boom Boom Ladies!" Lamb said.

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