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New law makes finding your pets easier

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The Fourth of July is right around the corner and by now you probably have your plans in order, and your food ready to prepare. But while you are celebrating, you may forget about the well-being of your pets during the firework shows around town.

The boom and bright lights from fireworks may be beautiful to spectators, but to pets, it's a scary sight. This Fourth of July it's important to think about your pets' comfort.

Dr. Hank Hall, a veterinarian at Northside Animal Hospital said, "Get them inside, turn on the t.v. or radio, and get them to an inner room. Don't leave them on the porch or chained outside where the noise is more intense."

Some pet owners, like Dyanne Barksdale, ask their vet for tranquilizers or other medicines to calm their animals, "It will be less stress on the pet and the neurosis of the brain of the animal, it would be less stressful."

If your pet does run away over the 4th of July weekend, and they have a microchip, the chances of finding them is greatly increased. With House Bill 1106 passing, all veterinarians and clinics have to scan for that microchip within 24 hours of getting that animal.

"We scan the dog for the presence or absence of a chip. If we find the chip, we notify the owners and give the dog back," Hall told News Leader Nine.

The simple procedure takes a few minutes to insert a chip the size of a grain of rice between the animal's shoulder blades. It's a device that could mean a world of difference if you lose pet.

Dr. Hall added, "Should be standard procedure, that's why the law is going into effect. It's a good law. By scanning the dog, you eliminate the possibility of adopting the dog out or putting the dog down or putting them to sleep. If they have a chip, someone could be looking for them."

This new bill also says that any vet or humane clinic must scan for a microchip again before putting any animal to sleep. If one is found, the operator is required to make a reasonable effort to contact the pet owners.

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