Burglaries on the rise in small Georgia town

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley recovered stolen property from a string of burglaries that happened in the last month.  And, he expects an arrest in the break-in's very soon.

Burglary victim and Hamilton resident, John Bunn, said, "I do not think that I expected to be burglarized in Hamilton."

But, it did happen, and has been happening regularly for almost a month.

The Hamilton Police Chief is out of commission following a car wreck, and patrols in the area have slowed. Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley said his office is pitching in. For a small town like Hamilton, the burglaries can be called a rash.

Sheriff Mike Jolley said, "It is not the sexy crime you would see on TV, or that you are going to get crime stoppers to come in and do, but we believe that it warrants attention because it would get worse."

A wide range of things have been stolen, from guns and cameras, to bicycles and priceless memorabilia. But, it is smaller items, like peanut butter and drinks that lead investigators to believe the crime spree is the work of kids.

"Most kids will do things on a spur of the moment if given the opportunity. If we take that opportunity away, if they think they are going to get caught, if there is a fear there that they are going to get in trouble, they probably would not do it. So, we want to be there to put that fear in them," explained Jolley.

John Bunn feels relived that he is getting his valuables back, and that the suspects will soon be off the streets. But, he has taken extra precautions to ensure it does not happen again, "I have hidden some of my valuables a little better. I have also put a dead bolt chain."

Sheriff Jolley pleaded with parents to question their kids if they notice property that is unfamiliar.  He said parents can also call the Sheriff's office to see if the items are stolen.

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