Judge dismisses charge against shooting suspect

By Lindsey Connell - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A judge has dropped a charge against a man charged in a Columbus shooting.

Police say both the victim and the suspect started shooting at one another during a drug deal.

But witnesses and the victim tell very different stories.

The shooting happened June 24th at a home on 13th Avenue in the Rosehill section of Columbus.

Detectives say Paul Fontimayor was selling marijuana to Ronald Vaughn at the home and when Fontimayor got out two bags of marijuana, Vaughn asked where the scales were to weigh the product.

Fontimayor, according to police, thought he was being disrespected and when words starting being exchanged, both men pulled out guns and started shooting at one another. Vaughn was hit in the abdomen. Fontimayor fled in his car.

In a preliminary hearing Thursday, the victim, Ronald Vaughn, testified that the suspect, Paul Fontimayor, was not the one who shot him because they're friends who went to school together and because they were talking when he was shot.

Witnesses told the judge they never saw the suspect with a gun or fire a gun but detectives say that's different from what they said in their signed statements filed with the Police Department after the incident.

Based on statements made under oath Thursday, Judge Michael Joyner said he had no other choice but to dismiss Paul Fontimayor's aggravated assault charge.

His weapons charges and a marijuana charges have been bound over to Superior Court.

The victim, Ronald Vaughn, is out on bond but the judge increased his bond amounts.

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