Columbus citizens react to proposed postal rate hike

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The main branch of the Columbus Post Office on Milgen Road is hopping during the lunch hour.

Crowds into and out of the building, a constant flow of mail.

But some are hopping mad about the price increase proposed by the United States Postal Service today.

The most visible change is a two cent increase in the price of an individual stamp, from 44 cents to 46 cents.

"I find it ridiculous. Anything I mail has got to be out of state and for the price I pay for the product that I'm sending to my daughter in San Diego, I'm paying double that price just to mail it to her," one Columbus resident said.

That is a growing sentiment from regular patrons at the main branch.

These days, with the ease and convenience of paying bills online and e-mail, why continue to pay more to send correspondence by snail mail?

A term once used affectionately, now seems to be the reason for complaints, according to Linda Hinman.

"I'm really concerned about the postal service out-pricing themselves and making it too convenient for people at home to mail their own mail in other ways, Hinman said.

The proposed increase isn't just for a stamp.

Businesses would also feel the pinch, with advertising and periodical rate postage increasing by as much as five percent.

The USPS says it's a direct result of slumping finances, but that message isn't getting delivered in Columbus.

"They're losing money? Because people aren't mailing stuff at this price, people are going to totally stop," another resident said.

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