Officials predict low turnout in Alabama run-off

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) -  Seven days from now, the polls for the Alabama primary run-offs will be closed and votes counted.

The run-off has the potential to pull people to the polls as we have state wide gubernatorial races and local lee county races but Lee County Probate Judge Bill English says voting is always much lower in the run-offs. "The turnout we're predicting is from 4-8%. At 4% we're looking at about 3400 voters, high side 8% looking at maybe 6000 voters, it's over 85,000 registered voters in the county." Said Judge English

Voters who didn't participate in the primary may still vote in the run-off.

Primaries and run-offs are party processes that pick a candidate to run in the general election.

But if you voted for your party in the primary there are limitations, "the democratic party has a no-cross over rule which says that if you voted in the republican primary, you are not eligible to vote in the democratic run-off. The republican party does not have a cross-over rule so voters who voted in either primary are eligible to vote in the republican primary." Added Judge English.

Voters are able to vote at the same 23 precincts that were available in the June 1st Primary.

Absentee ballots, also an option, are limited. Corinne Hurst with the Lee County Circuit Clerk Office, said  "The absentee's are brisk, we've done probably somewhere around 430 of the for the primary runoff."

430 compared to roughly 800 absentee ballots with the primary election.

With two days left before the deadline of absentee ballots, there's still a chance the run-off could bring in more ballots than expected.

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