Be There: Parent Policing

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  In Georgia, new laws have just gone into effect saying drivers can not text message while behind the wheel and teens are prohibited from using cell phones at all. In this week's "Be There", News Leader Nine finds out how parents now have an option to stop their teens from this potentially deadly habit.

A lot of kids around the valley learn how to drive at Barber's Driving School in Columbus, and instructors there teach teens about the dangers of texting while driving. Co-owner Buster Barber told us that several parents were searching for a way to make sure their kids did not text while driving, and he went searching for a solution, "I've been searching and looking and I finally found a product called cell safety and it disables text messaging while the car is in motion."

With a few clicks of the mouse parents can now monitor what their teens send and receive through text messages. The software has a 9,000 word vocabulary of words most parents don't want their kids using.

"It can monitor text messages your kids may receive from strangers or from anyone that has anything to do with sexting, bullying, suicide, guns or drugs," said Vice-President of Baber's Driving School Buster Barber.

Not only can the software tell you what your kids are texting, but once they get behind the wheel it will show you where they are going and how fast they're trying to get there.

Barber explained, "It uses a GPS tracking system. You can locate your child at anytime using the software with just a click of the button. You can also set a speed limit. If they go over a certain speed, it will instantly alert you."

Parents install the tamper-proof application onto their child's phone, pay a monthly fee, and are e-mailed or texted every time a phone rule is broken.

With new laws in effect and parents facing the challenge of enforcing cell phone rules, Buster Barber says this new technology is the perfect solution, "The new fine for texting and driving is $150. If you figure you can spend $10 a month to prevent that from happening, then you save $150 fine and it gives you the peace of mind that you need to insure your kids won't get killed by looking at text messages."

For the parents out there who want to learn how to get this software, you can contact Baber's Driving School or visit their website at

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