Police need help finding man who tried to kidnap boy

Press Release

TROUP COUNTY, GA - On the Fourth of July, at approximately 7:00 p.m.  there was an attempted kidnapping of a 13-year-old male in a rural Hogansville neighborhood.

The young male was walking along the right-of-way in the 1300 block of Corinth Road, when an older white male in a white passenger van approached from the direction of Hogansville and stopped in the roadway alongside the boy. The man, first, asked if the boy needed a ride.

The boy told the man "No". The man then told the boy to get in the van and take a ride with him. The boy, again, told the man "No".

Then the man got out of his van and started walking around to engage the boy saying, "Get in the g-- d--- van!".

The boy immediately took off running. The man gave chase for a short distance, went back to his van and drove off while keeping a close eye on the boy.

The boy was able to get on his cell phone and call his mother. When the man saw that the boy was using a cell phone, he pulled off of Glover Road in the direction of Johnson Road.

Description of the man: White Male, possibly "in his 30's", having short brown hair and brown mixed with grey scruffy facial hair. Approximately 5'8" with heavy set build.

Description of the van: Older white passenger van resembling a church van with rows of seats and large window, and a rounded hood.

The van also has a long scratch trailing down the passenger side from front-passenger door to taillight. There is also a "football-sized" dent on the driver's side beneath themiddle window.

If you should see this van, or believe that you may know of someone who matches this description, call 911.

You may also remain anonymous by calling in a tip to the Troup County Crime Stoppers Hotline at (706)812-1000. 

Source: Troup County Sheriff's Department