Major renovations underway at Carmike 15, Big D

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Construction workers are raising the ceiling to make room for a mega movie screen at Carmike15 for the Big D or Digital Experience. Dale Hurst, Marketing Director, Carmike Cinemas gave News Leader 9 an inside look at the construction process underway at Carmike15 located in Columbus Park Crossing on Whittlesey Boulevard.

"When we brought digital to Columbus it was making the movie more active, now you will feel like you're a part of the movie with surround sound, much more comfortable seating, and a bigger screen, sharper and brighter picture."

Hurst said the cloth seats will also be removed and replaced with leather seating in what will become the largest auditorium at Carmike15.  The $2.5 million combined price tag for Carmike 15 to included renovations at the Ritz 10 at Hollywood Connection, Hurt added, will make for the ultimate moving going experience.

"We will close some rides and replace them with three more auditoriums.  With all the movies Hollywood is producing, we thought we needed more auditoriums and screens to accompany the action packed movies."

The bumper cars, carousel and swings are being eliminated according to Hurst. Lieutenant's Diner, the Xandu Skate Center and arcade will remain in place with anticipated upgrades.

Expect to pay an extra $2.00 as a surcharge to see movies in Big D on the big screen. Renovations at Carmike 15 should be completed in two weeks. Hurst did not give a timeline on when construction will begin at Hollywood Connection.

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