New Gun Law prompts safety precautions

By Curtis McCloud - email


June 8th 2010 marked a special day for gun owners in the state of Georgia.  Governor Sonny Perdue signed the Common Lawful Carry Act. It tells citizen where they can and cannot carry a gun.According to the new law gun permit holders are now allowed to carry weapons into restaurants, state parks, public transit, and non-secure areas of the airport.News Leader Nine spoke with Georgia state certified gun instructor Roy Ford, who frequents Shooters of Columbus on Milgen Road.

Ford says this new law will prompt a number of precautions for people who carry guns."You've got to be very knowledgeable of a handgun if you're going to carry a hand gun but there are three rules that I always follow, safety, safety, safety, Ford said.Another point of caution Ford told News Leader Nine is that if you plan on shooting your gun for practice, it's best to do it out of city limits or at a shooting range.

Gun owner Edmund Sealy says before you decide to start carrying a hand gun you might want to get help from an experienced shooter or gun handler. "If you are interested in getting a hand gun but you haven't fired on before then you should probably seek professional instruction so that you learn all the safety features of a hand gun so that you are very familiar with the handgun you plan on carrying," Sealy said.

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