Auburn considers ban on texting and driving

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - If you're texting in Auburn you may have to put that phone down, behind the wheel.

The City of Auburn is considering a texting ban for drivers

It's been said texting while driving is four times more dangerous than drunk driving and the city of Auburn is seriously considering putting an end to it, by law.

City Councilman Brent Beard, who proposed the ban, says "we've got over 24,000 college students here in town, then another 3000 high school kids driving that just don't have the maturity and think about what could happen if you're not paying attention to the road."

Mayor Bill Ham says, because of the large youth population in the city, Auburn's roads could be more lethal than most cities.

Councilman Beard decided to propose the ban to Auburn's council when he kept hearing stories of texting gone wrong. He adds, "I ran into people and about that had either had accidents or come close to accidents where they suspected the person was texting ...It's just real dangerous to me if you don't have your eyes on the road."

Auburn's City Council is researching the success and procedures of other cities with texting bans.

One of the biggest hurdles: how effectively can it be enforced?

"I'd like to get some information on how other cities are enforcing their bans that they're doing and if it's effective than I'm all for it." Said Mayor Ham. The council could vote on the ban in the next two to four weeks."

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