Boat Dock Size Limits at West Point Lake to Change

WEST POINT, GA - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at West Point Project, in coordination with the West Point Lake Coalition, has announced minor changes to the size limits for private boat docks on West Point Lake.

Steve Logan, Operations Manager for the Corps at West Point Project, stated, "These changes are designed to better meet the needs of today's recreation enthusiasts while maintaining public safety and the overall health of the lake."

The following changes are effective immediately:

• The maximum size for a boat dock without slips, or a platform dock, is increased to 330 square feet. Under the old guidelines, a dock without a roof could not exceed 260 square feet.

• Maximum size for all private docks with slips, whether covered or not, is increased to 1024 square feet, including the slip. The previous guidelines allowed only a 720 square foot dock and required docks of that size to have a roof. According to Dick Timmerberg, Coalition Executive Director, "Many boat owners now have two boats, one for pleasure and one for fishing, and the number of Personal Water Craft is growing annually." This change should allow the dock to accommodate two 10'x 24' slips and two PWC lifts.

Existing criteria must still be met to receive approval for this size increase. The entire length of the dock and walkway combined may not exceed 100 feet or 1/3 the width of the cove, whichever is less.
Also, neighboring docks must have a minimum of 50 feet of spacing between them at the closest point.

Any request for authorization to install a new dock or increase an existing dock's size requires revised dock plans, a site inspection, and an on-site meeting.

Questions regarding dock permits and requests to increase the dock size should be referred to the West Point Project Management Office at 706-645-2937.

Source: U. S. Army Corps of Engineers West Point Project

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