Lee County runoff voter turnout highest in 8 years

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - The Alabama Runoffs may be over, but what happened at the polls is still making headlines.

Lee County voter turnout was close to double the number expected, election officials are pleased but not completely shocked.

Lee County Probate Judge Bill English says, the last two runoff elections have seen low voter turnout, 6-8%, because there were no candidates for governor.

Judge English says Tuesday's runoff spiked, as 15% of registered voters cast their ballots.

It was predicted only 8% would show up.

So, what's next for the candidates?  Chris Hughes, winner in the runoff for Circuit Court Place 2, said the first thing on his list is take a break with family, but then it's back to campaigning.

"The only recipe I've come up with is try your best to do as many things as you can.You know people  like a personal touch but door-to-door is always going to be a fail safe so to speak but any change you get where you can reach 50 people at once is certainly good.

Hughes will face Democrat Kenneth Gibbs for the Judge seat, November 2nd.

Judge English does not believe the increase in the runoff will necessarily bring an increase in November's general election.

Judge English says, we will be fortunate for a 45-50% voter turnout in November. He says the race for governor and recent gambling issues may generate more interest this year.

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