Physical Therapy

Bone and Joint Rehab:
Many times patients require rehab care to get back to their normal lifestyle. Our rehab services provide a wide range of therapies to help patients with recovery. Whether disabilities resulting from trauma, stroke, injury, developmental or degenerative illness, we use the latest techniques in rehab.

Doctors, lawyers, and friends refer most patients, however a referral is not required. We have a physician on duty and each patient begins therapy "custom fitted" at a level they can perform. Some patients are ready to begin with strength and conditioning exercise while others require a more passive 'baby steps" approach. We use a combination of passive and active therapy to restore range of motion, stabilization and strengthen the area of injury.

Your progress is monitored (see computerized range of motion/muscle test) and as you reach your treatment goals, therapy will progress until maximum medical improvement is reached or documentation will be provided with an impairment rating.

Spinal Decompression:
The nations leading treatment for the spine takes a step forward at Back and Neck Rehab. Neurological studies show that up to 80% of back and neck patients who were advised to have surgery successfully recorded with our program without risking complications and down time. Each session is face to face (no group sessions) for 10-20 minutes. Your condition is monitored as you progress and will advance at the level you can perform.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is a revolutionary new technology used primarily to treat disc injuries in the neck and in the low back. This treatment option is very safe and utilizes FDA cleared equipment to apply distraction forces to spinal structures in a precise and graduated manner. Distraction is offset by cycles of partial relaxation. This technique of spinal decompression therapy, that is, unloading due to distraction and positioning, has shown the ability to gently separate the vertebrae from each other, creating a vacuum inside the discs that we are targeting. This "vacuum effect" is also known as negative intra-discal pressure.

The negative pressure may induce the retraction of the herniated or bulging disc into the inside of the disc, and off the nerve root, thecal sac, or both. It happens only microscopically each time, but cumulatively, over four to six weeks, the results are quite dramatic.

The cycles of decompression and partial relaxation, over a series of visits, promote the diffusion of water, oxygen, and nutrient-rich fluids from the outside of the discs to the inside. These nutrients enable the torn and degenerated disc fibers to begin to heal.

For the low back, the patient lies comfortably on his/her back or stomach on the decompression table, with a set of nicely padded straps snug around the waist and another set around the lower chest. For the neck, the patient lies comfortably on his/her back with a pair of soft rubber pads behind the neck. Many patients enjoy the treatment, as it is usually quite comfortable and well tolerated.

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression is very effective at treating bulging discs, herniated discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, radiating arm pain, degenerative disc disease, leg pain, and facet syndromes. Proper patient screening is imperative and only the best candidates are accepted for care.