Range of Motion and Muscle Studies

You know you're in pain, but you can't find or place the cause. The lab studies are normal and the x-ray/MRI is negative. What do you do?

X-ray and MRI show a picture of your body structures, and if there is a break or tear it will show. The problem is a corpse can be given a x-ray and MRI and the report will be negative. In other words the person is dead but according to their x-ray and MRI there is nothing wrong with them.

The ability to perform range of motion and muscle studies is a true assessment on how your body works. Our state of the art studies are the international standard using AMA guidelines are recorded for disability claims and impairment ratings.

Every patient will undergo bone and joint rehab and physical therapy custom fit to him or her. The therapy program will begin with the range of motion and muscle study test to set a baseline of his or her condition and they will also be monitored on a regular basis. Athletes who go through conditioning and training rely on our studies to pinpoint restrictions in movements and imbalance in their muscle groups.

  • Once these areas are identified a specialized "custom fitted" therapy can be presented to mobilize, stabilize, and provide optimum performance.

Performance Evaluation

  • Computerized Range of Motion/ Muscle Strength Studies allows athletes (professional/amateur) a computerized evaluation of individual muscle groups and mobility. Weakness and imbalance will show up and allow our therapist to provide a plan "custom fitted" to help you reach your goal

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