12-year-old boy attacked by pit bull

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A twelve-year-old boy is recovering after a pit bull attacked him at his home off 5th Avenue in Columbus.

His mother says as she watched her son go through this terrible attack she thought the dog was going to kill him, "I've heard stories that the dog has attacked a lot of people and they sick that dog on people."

Valerie Brown may have heard the stories, but she never believed her son would become the next victim to her neighbor's dog, "The husband came out with the dog and me and my son started walking in and he told the dog "get him!". Then the dog attacked him, grabbed his knee and grabbed his leg and ripped it open. He got the dog and was holding it on the ground. My son grabbed him by the throat but he didn't know how to fight off the dog. The dog would have killed him."

She helped her twelve year old son fight the dog off, but the damage was already done. Brown explained to News Leader 9, "His knee was bitten in two places, there are bruises, on the inside of his thigh there is a gash, but they can't sew it up because it's a dog bite."

The young boy was treated at the hospital for his injuries, but doctors tell the Brown family he has a long road to recovery, "It was very scary and I just started praying right then. I didn't know what to do and when he grabbed his leg -- he let go of his knee then went for his leg -- I thought "oh my God, what in the world".

We're told the pit bull was taken into custody by Animal Control. At this time the owner of the pit bull is not facing charges. There was a police report filed for the incident and the owner was given a citation by Animal Control.

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