Having Trouble Hearing?

Many people are embarrassed or angered by hearing loss and feel that it is a problem for "old people". Not so, since most people who are helped by hearing aid devices are in their 40's and 50's and older.

"There's no longer a stigma attached to having a hearing problem or wearing a hearing device. These days, wearing hearing aids, which are now much smaller a less cumbersome, is like wearing eye glasses or contact lenses. Hearing aids have become very sophistocated and most come with signal processors and nano technology which adjust automatically to different sound levels with no controls to adjust."- Justin Jones, Hearing Aid Specialist. 

Advantage Hearing Aids uses the most advanced computerized equipment in the hearing industry. Digital computerization has broadened the hearing range that can be tested and successfully fit at Advantage Hearing Aids. The capability makes it possible for the staff at Advantage Hearing Aids to help more people hear in high frequencies, even if a doctor has told you in the past that a hearing aid would not help your high frequency loss. Some doctors are changing their minds because of this improved technology.

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