Does your hearing aid whistle?

Does your hearing aid whistle? If so call us at 706-576-5555.

The hearing aids we have available at Advantage Hearing Aids eliminates the noisy, annoying whistle or buzz that has always been associated with a hearing aid. Many of you may have a friend or family member whose hearing aid is constantly feeding back. Many patients even today still are struggling with adjusting volume or the fit of the hearing aids to prevent the annoying sound.

Fortunately, the days of a whistling hearing aid are gone. Through advances in digital hearing aid and sound processing technology we can now prevent hearing aids from screaming at their wearers. Don't be deceived not all feedback canceling hearing aids are the same.

Lose the whistle today and improve the quality of your hearing. If you or someone you know is struggling with their hearing, give our office a call for a free consultation at 706-576-5555.

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