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Why should I have a Family Doctor?

Family Medicine is a unique specialty.  Where almost all of the other specialties focus on a specific organ or disease, Family Medicine focuses on the patient.  Family Medicine is the best bargain in American health care.  Family doctors provide not only the entry point in health care but also their breadth gives them the ability to deal with a large number of the patient needs.  Rather than a system where the patient must sort out which specialist is needed and where the patient must see multiple specialists for multiple problems, the patient of the family physician often gets all their needs from their family doctor.  There is no problem which cannot be addressed by your family physician.  Coordination of specialty care is another benefit that the patient of the family physician enjoys.  By serving as the patient advocate, the family physician plans and speeds the process of care by a team of well trained specialists.  Finally, by having a long term relationship, the family physician comes to know the unique aspects that the patient brings into the exam room along with those issues unique to the patient's family and world. 

The family doctor specializes in the protein problem which is found in the cell that makes up the organ of the body of the individual who is a member of a family in a community.  The family doctor is a health care system of one.  Family medicine is strong medicine for America. 


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