Three Auburn University Professors deploy to Afghanistan

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Three Auburn University professors, along with the 358th medical detachment with the US Army, are deploying to Afghanistan to conduct food safety checks.

They will also be observing and aiding military working dogs.

U.S. Commander Jacob Johnson, who also teaches veterinarian classes at Auburn, says "We have food inspection specialists that are part of the unit that ensure that when food is received that it's from an approved source and handled properly."

Commander Johnson says he's excited to go to Afghanistan. This will be his third deployment and he knows exactly what to expect.

Food inspections are done every day. "This is when food is received to a major contingency operating base and a major post there in Afghanistan, we also do site surveys to any of the facilities serving food to the troops."

As for the military working dogs, they're very beneficial to the troops conducting base security and the dogs help protect soldiers during mine clearance. "We also conduct full medical and surgical care for all government owned animals which is primarily working military dogs, added Johnson.

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