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What it means to be a Northern Little Leaguer

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  A Columbus baseball team is breezing through the Georgia State Tournament, and they're only twelve years old.

The players on the Northern Little League team may not have reached their teen years yet, but they've played ball together for as long as they can remember.

Philip Carter's son plays on the team and told News Leader Nine, "We've done travel ball and played on different teams before, but this is the closest-knit team we've had. They respond well to one another, there is no bickering and everyone plays as one."

His son Knox is the left fielder for the team. He said, "It helps us get to know players better and know their strengths and weaknesses and it helps us pick up on what we need to pick up on."

The boys out on the field aren't the only team making their way through the tournament... Their biggest fans have been with them every step of the way.

"All the parents try to get involved and help. If one can't get to it, the other one will. All the parents are teamed up well together. We're there for every game, bringing water and Gatorade. Different parents do different things," explained Philip Carter.

Monday night they started a game against Brooks Area, but the rain held off play. Tuesday night they finish what they started and hopefully will bring home another win.

Knox Carter explained, "It's going to be tough. We always have to work hard and never give up. You can get beaten no matter how good you are."

Northern Little League player, Jack Copley added, "We've got to work hard, play our best and hopefully win."

If they continue winning games each night this week, they'll advance to the southeast regional championship.

"It's a big honor to play in this tournament and it would be great if we won that," said Copley.

The Northern Little League game against Brooks Area kicked off at 5:30 at the American Little League field on Double Churches Road.

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