Back-to-school supply lists grabbing people's attention

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - One package of white copy paper, dry erase markers, numerous glue sticks and hand sanitizer are just a few of the items on students' supply list for Auburn Schools.

Back-to-school lists are more detailed these days and teachers say it's needed.

"There's just a lot they do now in 1st grade, in all grades so just helping them prepare they need the proper materials -- it's more hands on. We want them to be active in the learning process not just sitting at the desk", says Joanna Boyd, a first grade teacher at Dean Road Elementary.

Nicole Heyer, a fifth grade teacher at Richland Elementary, says parents helping with supplies are a huge benefit not only for the teacher, but the students in this kind of economy.

"I think especially with budget cuts and everything else, everybody's feeling it, that teachers are having to, instead of all the things we would pay out of pocket, we're having to depend on the parents."

But teachers with Auburn city schools say they also want to make sure parents can afford it.

"They're not trying to put a dent in people's pockets just trying to minimize what is only needed for the schools "says Boyd.

Nicole Heyer adds, "Its kind of finding that even ground between instruction and still having those projects for kids to get involved with truly have fun at school while still learning."

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