Ft. Benning re-opens 32-year-old murder case

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It is a cold case that is now white hot. It has been 32 years since a young private was murdered on Ft. Benning, and now, the case is back open.

The day before his graduation from Airborne School, on June 20th 1978, Private Kirk Bonney was robbed and shot to death on Ft. Benning.  His mother, Pat Bonney, explained, "He was trying to defend himself and he was shot with a 38 caliber revolver at very close range."

It is a mother's worst nightmare, hearing that her child has been killed, "We expect to outlive our children and when one of them does, it takes a piece of your life away."

Ft. Benning's Criminal Investigative Division interviewed 400 soldiers.  But, Bonney told News Leader Nine that "they were misdirected by a young recruit, who said he knew who killed Kirk, but he pinned the wrong man and he misdirected the whole investigation."

In 1993, Bonney said she was called by CID, saying they had a suspect in her son's murder.  The suspect was being investigated for another crime in another state.  But, there was not sufficient evidence to convict anyone.

A year and a half ago, Bonney began her own investigation by reaching out to anyone that might have information.

Then, just a few weeks ago, she said a CID officer called to say a suspect has re-surfaced.  32 years after he was shot to death, Kirk Bonney's family may have some closure. "The CID agent has told me without a doubt that he is certain this man killed my son, or was part of his death," said Bonney.

Investigators at Ft. Benning are being very tight lipped, but did confirm that evidence is being processed at the crime lab. 

If you have information about the murder or robberies that happened on post from 1978-1979, you are asked to call CID at 706-545-1518.

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