Authorities need help solving AC theft mystery

Source: Troup County Crime Stoppers

TROUP COUNTY, GA - Troup County Sheriff's Investigators are looking into a series of alleged thefts of air conditioning units.

The thefts allegedly occurred at vacant houses in the vicinity of Hines Road, Hogansville Road and Hightower Road. Evidence has since been collected and processed.

If you feel that you may have seen a theft in progress, or if you have a tip that could help call the Troup County Crime Stoppers hotline at (706) 812-1000.

If your information leads us to an arrest, you may be eligible to receive a reward.

Serial numbers and photos of your personal property are essential for investigations of property crimes.

Make sure that you document anything of value; and, store the photos in a place where you can quickly retrieve the information should you become the next victim.

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