Wanted W. Georgia suspect captured in New York

(Source: Troup County Sheriff's Officer)
(Source: Troup County Sheriff's Officer)

Press Release

TROUP COUNTY, GA - Agents with the United States Marshals Service have arrested murder suspect Daniel Lee Allen in Brooklyn, New York.

Daniel Lee Allen is wanted by the Troup County Sheriff's Office for his alleged role in the kidnapping and murder of Greenville, Georgia's Dwayne Louder in January.

Agents with the USMS task force made the arrest Tuesday at approximately 1:25 p.m., while Allen was sitting in the waiting area of the Brooklyn Medical Center's Emergency Room.

Allen, initially, identified himself as "Rondell Quick" -- an alias which Allen had used previously while being interviewed by New York Police Detectives in reference to a shooting that he had allegedly witnessed in their jurisdiction.

Now, the detectives are looking at Allen as possibly being the "shooter" in that incident.

Video surveillance is currently being reviewed to make that determination. There may, subsequently, be more charges to follow from the New York Police Department.

Allen was taken into custody without incident; and, is currently being housed at a New York Department Of Corrections facility in the Bronx, New York.

Once the results come back from Allen's fingerprints and a positive ID has been established, the Troup County Sheriff's Office will be further notified.

Source: Troup County Sheriff's Office