What does the Mayor do?

By Curtis McCloud - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Looking through the classified ads you will find a number of jobs and their descriptions…But what about the mayor of Columbus. What does he do? Jeffrey Murray says, "of course he has his coffee and a lot of meetings... a lot of meetings," A lot of meetings is right, being the mayor of Columbus is more than the occasional ribbon cutting ceremonies and photo-ops with students...

Mayor Jim Wetherington said, "A typical day is dealing with the operation of government, he's dealing with budget matters, and obviously he is the director of public safety." The Mayor is also the director of public safety and in charge of the police, fire, and emergency medical services department.

Former mayor Bob Poydasheff said, "The mayor is the chief executive officer of the city, he or she is chief spokesman for the city-so you should have an awareness of what the city is comprised of".  In November a new face will sit at the helm of the city Frank Martin, who served in the early 90's--- has some advice for whoever gets Columbus's top job.  "I think a mayor needs a health bit of skepticism and you don't have to be negative and paranoid that nobody's telling me the truth but you need to listen and watch what people are saying," Martin said.

Though Jim Wetherington's days as mayor are numbered he plans on helping the new mayor get acquainted with their new job. "I plan to put the new mayor into an office here in my suite and I'll have a relationship with this person for about a month," said Wetherington.

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