Georgia State Patrol responds to rumors of ticket frenzy

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Emails are circulating around the state saying Georgia State Patrol troopers are using the month of August to raise revenues.  The emails said troopers are instructed to pull over and ticket one driver every 10 minutes.

The Georgia State Patrol told News Leader Nine that they do not usually respond to rumors, but these emails have generated so many questions, they want to set the record straight.

"That is a hoax. We do not make decisions based on the economy. We make decisions based on what is best for public safety," said Sgt. Maurice Raines

Speeding ticket frenzy" is what the email claims the Georgia State Patrol is doing to make nine million dollars in the month of August.   They claim one million will help pay overtime and the rest will go straight to dwindling budgets.

The problem with this claim is that no revenue is generated for GSP when they enforce a speeding violation.  It all goes to the community where the caught the speeder.

Sgt. Raines said even though the email is a hoax, not all publicity is bad, "High visibility is what we want.  It is a deterrent to breaking traffic law.  So we are glad to hear that people are seeing a lot of us."

The email also claims all part-timers are going full-time. The truth is that GSP does not have any part-timers.

And, in response to the claim that there are 30 brand new unmarked chargers, Sgt. Raines said, "I wish we did because I am driving a Crown Vic with 135,000 miles on it. So, I would love to have that unmarked car they are talking about."

The ticketing frenzy is not true on a local level either.  Lt. Mark D. Starling of the Columbus Police department said, "It is a hoax. It is just not fact at all."  Starling did say CPD has a special detail this month, but it does not deal with speeders.  Every August, CPD works with other agencies throughout Georgia and Alabama to target drunk drivers.

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