Suspicious Alabama absentee ballots raise concern

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Alabama Runoff Election held July 13, 2010 almost ended without the implication of fraud.  Just  minutes before the courthouse was about to close something unusual happened.

"I believe there were 5 or 6 total absentee ballots the day of the election at around 5 o'clock that afternoon, " said, Lt. Heath Taylor, Russell County Sheriff's Department.

Six absentee ballots handed over to the courthouse by the same person... Ballots are collected  at the circuit clerk office. When those ballots were turned in Taylor tells News Leader 9,  they were sealed and in the proper envelopes.

"At this point we are considering two options one, those ballots not being counted and criminal wrongdoing to be presented to the grand jury.

After a voter is granted an absentee ballot, the normal process is to mail it in or hand deliver it...but whether it's unlawful to hand deliver someone's absentee ballot...Taylor says they hope to have an answer in a few weeks.

Circuit Clerk, Cathy Coulter, added that those ballots were not counted in the runoff election. News Leader 9 will continue following this story.

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