Columbus Water Works dedicates new tanks

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - It started as a faulty welded joint no bigger than a postage stamp and ended as 6 million gallons of water rushing onto River Road.  A Columbus Water Tank collapsed back in April 2009 causing lots of damage.

On Thursday, Columbus Water Works representatives dedicated two new concrete tanks in place of the old steel tank.

Steve Davis from the Columbus Water Works said, "Just another example in the history of the Columbus Water Works turning bad things, like the tragedy here, lemons, into lemonade. And, recovering rapidly from that disaster."

The new tanks cost them 4.5 million dollars.  $3.2 million of that came from the insurance settlement.  Davis said that construction stayed on schedule, "Getting a good game plan and following the plan… on schedule, delivery, construction, all of it went real well."

President of CWW Bob Tant said the new tank will change the way they work, "The old tank did not afford us the flexibility that two tanks will.  We can take one out of service for cleaning and swap them back and forth."

It also gives them an additional 2 million gallons in capacity.

Tant said they learned from the tragedy, "We cannot ever afford to become complaisant with our infrastructure."

Since the collapse, every steel tank in the system has been inspected and welded joints have been x-rayed.

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