Pets in danger of snake bites in hot weather

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - An issue with continued hot weather like North Alabama has seen this summer is snakes.

Tennessee Valley veterinarians say they're seeing more pets with snake bites. Dogs are most often the victims of these bites.

Veterinarians say it's because snakes are hunting for cool spots and sometimes those cool spots are in a yard.

Some bites are just painful, but bites from copperheads and rattlesnakes can be deadly. Pet owners need to act fast.

"Within 30 minutes to the hospital, get the antidote," said Dr. Mark Russell at Whitesburg Animal Hospital.

Regardless of what kind of snake bites, it's important to keep the bitten pet calm. If they are anxious or excited, the venom will circulate through the animal's body faster.

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