Statement on the closure of slot machine casino in Macon County

Press Release

MONTGOMERY – Jeff Emerson, Communications Director for Governor Bob Riley, issued the following statement on Monday morning in response to Milton McGregor's decision to close his illegal slot machine casino located in Macon County:

"One-Percent McGregor talks a big game about how his slot machines aren't really slot machines, but when it's time to lay his cards down on the table, he folds and runs away like a scalded dog.  These casino bosses all claim they just want their day in court, yet when it's time to take their slot machines before a court, the casino bosses run and hide.  If One-Percent McGregor really, honestly believed his slot machines were legal, he would keep his casino open.  Then he could argue his side in a court of law, but that's the last thing One-Percent McGregor wants because he knows his slot machines are illegal -- absolutely 100 percent illegal.  The Alabama Supreme Court has ruled unanimously, members of both parties, and has been very clear.  The law is very clear.  One-Percent McGregor tells people the opposite because he wants to continue breaking the law."

Source: Office of the Alabama Governor