Carver High School makes Baker Middle home

By Roslyn Giles  - email | bio

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Carver High School makes it temporary location, Baker Middle School, home for the next two years.

School administrators kept the situation calm while transitioning 1200 students, faculty and staff into a smaller building.

"It was mind boggling. Everybody had to find out where their classes were. Nobody was acclimated to the building," said Chris Lindsey, Principal.

The color-coded halls, lockers and maps helped the students find their classes without worry.  

Monitors were stationed at key points within the school to point everyone in the right direction and the tardy bell was dismantled for the day so that students did not fret about being late for class.

Justin Jones, senior, added "Maybe three or four freshman came to me and I had to pull out my own map to direct students."

"A lot of people were saying I don't know where my class is. I said, just look up; we have poster boards showing you the color of the hallway and the teachers names," explained Gwen Guess, Senior.

Principal Lindsey says the space is adequate even though it's smaller than the original home of the Tigers. " Although, the classrooms are bigger, we had to increase the number of classrooms by using portables."

Baker Middle School students are being housed at Marshall Middle along with their students and teachers. Carver expects to be in its brand new school by 2011.

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