Supervisor terminated after Russell County workers go on strike

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - New developments for Russell County sanitation workers who went on strike Monday.

The employees' supervisor, who found the note that they would not be in Monday, has now been terminated.

Russell County sanitation workers say they wanted a meeting with their general manager.

When they arrived to work Tuesday morning they were met by their manager...but didn't get the meeting they were hoping for.

"The general manager showed up with two Sheriff's deputies so it's an intimidation factor when all the guys wanted was a meeting and you know this morning when he showed up it should have just been a meeting not an ultimatum of you work of your fired." Said Michael Bailey, former supervisor over the workers.

Bailey believes he was terminated Monday night on suspicions he had previous knowledge of the strike. "Wrongly terminated, yeah, but I feel like the company needed a scapegoat, someone to sacrifice other than themselves." He said.

His workers say they were striking because of low pay and faulty equipment.

And we saw one example for ourselves in Russell County.  I passed by one of two broken down dumpster trucks that had no working air conditioning. The attorney for Russell County sanitation, Rick Chancey, argues all trucks had air conditioning.

"The vehicles breaking down that's a common occurrence. You can pull the service log where they're not fixing the trucks but patching them up. Just so they can finish the route." Added Bailey

Many of the employees say they need their job to support their family.  Those who chose to come back to work, after the short strike, will not have any increase in pay.  Plus they are all on probation.

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