Be There: What Does Rose Hill Do?

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  News Leader Nine told you what Rose Hill Alternative School was and how the program worked. This week we let the students tell you what the school has done for them.

Their testimonies are heartfelt as the students tell News Leader Nine what mistake lead them to the school, "I experimented with marijuana and that's what brought me here."

"I am here for fighting."

"I had shotgun shells in my truck."

Not every student attending Rose Hill Alternative School has the bad rap sheet people expect.

Andrew Hendrix explained, "There's people here who made bad choices, but that doesn't mean they are bad people. There has not been a fight here in seven years, since Mr. Freeman has been our principal."

The students wear uniforms, and are expected to treat each other as equals in the classroom.

"Since you wear uniforms no one can judge you and there's no drama here and the teachers are nice so it's a good school. It's an alternative school but it helps you a lot," said Chacora Phifer.

The students tell us they also feel like the administration spends more one on one time with them.

Patrick Johnson told News Leader Nine, "Teachers are Rose Hill really care for you. They're trying to help you get your credits and trying to get you on track as best they can to get you to graduation."

All the Rose Hill students admit their time at the alternative school has really had a positive impact on their lives.

Johnson said, "I've been more disciplined from being here, it's a good wake-up call for people who've been making bad choices and hanging with a bad crowd."

"I just don't jump and get an attitude. I say "yes ma'am" and walk away. I see me being more respective and not getting attitude," Phifer added.

And Hendrix said, "My attitude at home has gotten a lot better, my attitude towards other people has matured a lot. I don't argue as much as I used to."

We interviewed these students as they were finishing up their time at Rose Hill, so most of them have returned to their home schools in Muscogee County, but they are perfect examples of how the program works.

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