Security on Auburn University's campus increases

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) -  Classes for Auburn University don't start for another week, but many students are already in town and security on campus has just gotten stronger.

Auburn police now have more bicycles to get around the school.

Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson says having 8 more bicycles for his force has significantly increased security for Auburn University.

He knows bikes can go where cars cannot and because the University has focused on making it a walking campus bicycles are crucial.

"If you're on a bike riding through the hill dorms, the library, the village you can hear everything going on around there. If someone yells for help you can hear that and respond immediately."Said Chief Dawson

Bike Officer Lavarro Bean adds, "We hear everything. We hear people scream, alarms going off on cars. We respond to those types of things immediately.">

He says the bicycles also have a feature that stops a lot of crime on campus...they're stealth, "we will ride up on things that they didn't hear us coming, they don't see us coming and by the time they realize we're here it's too late. We've stopped a number of crimes on this campus."

The 8 new bikes will be used every day, all the time. And on football game days, 9 bikes will be on Auburn University's campus.

"Anytime of the day we have at least 2 bike officers, patrolling the auburn campus looking for crimes in progress and to do more community oriented policing. It's much easier to do community oriented policing on a bicycle." Said Chief Dawson

Officer Bean like that students feel more comfortable approaching officers on bikes.

He says they're more willing to come talk, say hello or ask for help and parents love seeing it.

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