200 Fort Benning troops scheduled to return home

Press Release 

FORT BENNING, GA – Approximately 200 Soldiers assigned to the 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division are scheduled to return to Lawson Army Airfield August 15. 

The Soldiers are returning from a deployment to Iraq and are returning earlier than anticipated as part of the troop drawdown directed by the President.

The Soldiers are scheduled to arrive very early on Sunday, and are the first of the brigade's deployed Soldiers to return. 

Nearly 600 3rd HBCT Soldiers will return in August to meet the directed troop reduction requirement.

The main body, nearly 3,000 Soldiers, is expected to return in September and October.

The brigade has been deployed since October 2009.

Arrival times are always subject to change. 

Source: Fort Benning Office of Public Affairs