Little League all-stars return home

By Curtis McCloud - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -   Excitement filled the stadium in Warner Robins last night as the Northern little league team secured their place in the 2010 Little League World series. For the second time in four years the northern little league team will head to Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Earlier today family and friends welcomed the champions home at their field here in Columbus.

"It's very exciting when these young men were in c-ball the 2006 world series was going on and they saw all of that and they got to watch that and going through this its been very exciting for them," Northern Little League Vice President Clay Duncan said.

Greg Lang's son Matthew plays on the the northern team, in fact his oldest son Ryan was on the 2006 team that won the world series. e's a proud father hoping for a similar out-come in williamsport next week. "Just to have one son go up there and participate in the little league world series and win it, we thought that was unbelievable and now to have another one-- I mean its like a Cinderella dream you just don't think that would ever happen, " Lang said.

On Monday the team will fly to Williamsport and begin preparing for the series. Adonis Latta's son is a member of the all-star team. She believes the boys are ready for next week and already work so well together. "I think that this team really meshes well. Everyone gets along, they treat each other like brothers, they've been nice and respectful of one another," Latta said.

Working together is what will help northern bring home the world series title again. "Its just an honor to be able to go to williamsport and represent Columbus, Georgia, represent northern little league, and represent our region, " Northern Vice President Clay Duncan said.

If you would like to help support the Northern League All-Stars contact Northern Little League Vice President Clay Duncan  at 706-326-0713.

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