Squirrel hunting season starts in Georgia

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Did you know squirrels are the second most popular small game to hunt in Georgia? If you did, then you also know Sunday, August 15th is the official start to squirrel hunting season, and the sport is more popular than you might think.

"I didn't know there was a squirrel season, most hunt them year round. I don't think anyone has come in here today asking about squirrel hunting season," Chris McKenna, a salesman at Shooters of Columbus, told News Leader Nine

There may not be an influx in squirrel hunters at Shooters of Columbus, but that doesn't mean they aren't out there. McKenna explained, "Some people like scopes to make sure they shoot them and not have to chase them."

That's just one of the advantages of the sport that the Wildlife Resource Division is calling a great introductory game for young hunters.

"Kids don't want to be sitting in a stand and be bored all morning or all afternoon. With squirrels you can run around, walk around in the woods, scare them up a tree, you can use dogs, you don't have to be silent, you don't have to wear camo if you don't want to. Kids can enjoy it and get into hunting," said McKenna.

McKenna also recommends using two types of guns: one to get them out of the tree and one to shoot them between the shoulders, "A 4-10 shot gun or a 20 gauge just to get them out of the nest, then a 22 long rifle works just fine."

And News Leader Nine asked, once you kill a squirrel, what do you do with it? McKenna says the answer is, "They look good once you get them mounted, other than that, some people like to eat squirrel stew. But I wouldn't, just because they are considered rodents."

Squirrel hunting season begins Sunday and runs through the end of February. The maximum limit is twelve squirrels per hunter and you can get more information on squirrel season and obtaining a license by visiting http://gohuntgeorgia.com

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